7 World Cup 2022 NFT – Higher Engagement & Purchasing Rates

The World Cup NFT is a popular investment for soccer clubs and players. For more engagement and purchasing rates, see the top 7 World Cup 2022 NFT.

The World Cup NFT is a brand new way to experience the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, enabling fans to not only immerse themselves in iconic moments, but own them as well. Through soccer NFTs, companies like FIFA, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Visa have all made big splash in the public eye. The Premier League is reportedly in talks with Major League Soccer, La Liga and the Bundesliga about partnering with companies in the blockchain space. NFT has become a popular investment for soccer clubs and players, with the online markets having exploded. Today, we list the top 7 World Cup 2022 NFT for your reference.

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Many brands are making NFT digital art or exploring virtual sports stadiums to stand out from the matches during the month-long global event. The World Cup may be better than some other sports when it comes to testing new technology. Soccer fans are more likely than the global average to seek out innovative digital experiences and buy NFT art, according to a Kantar survey of 29,500 soccer fans in 31 major markets around the world.

They also tend to have higher incomes, including slightly younger viewers who are identified as early adopters and use streaming TV or digital technology. With more than a million fans expected to visit Qatar during the FIFA World Cup, a range of brands and technology companies are hoping to score points far beyond the Middle East through sports NFT drops.

Top 7 World Cup 2022 NFT to Take Matches into the Metaverse

The World Cup 2022 NFT can be a rare match-worn sports shirt, a gaming soccer player avatar, or a certain personalized ball cap, offering potential buyers the opportunity to own the original copy of a digital document. NFT holders will also have exclusive priority on all such items and experiences. Check out the top 7 soccer-themed digital collections.

1. FIFA+ Collect World Cup 2022 NFT 

In September, FIFA launched its own NFT platform on the Algorand blockchain, called FIFA+ Collect, which is also coming to the Qatar World Cup. Similar to the NBA Top Shots platform, users can collect memorable sporting moments from previous World Cups. The platform offers NFT collectibles from the men’s World Cup as well as the equivalent women’s competition, including iconic moments, art and imagery.

World Cup-themed NFT packs are already available for purchase. FIFA’s Genesis Drop leads the way, releasing 532,980 rare packs that contain iconic moments from previous tournaments. The Drop 2, FIFA Archives Packs, prices at $4.99 each, and also contains highlights from past World Cup matches for both male and female players.

FIFA+ Collect World Cup 2022 NFT

Romy Gai, FIFA’s Chief Business Officer, said the packs “democratiz[e] the ability to own a part of the Fifa World Cup”. Sports digital collectibles are going to be a quite popular NFT trend. Like sports memorabilia and stickers, they will provide fans around the world with a chance to engage with their favorite players on an innovative platform.

2. Lionel Messi’s Second NFT Drop

Messi collaborated with Web3 studio Ethernal Labs and its best NFT marketplace Ethernity to develop his second NFT collection, the Messi Time Machine Collection. Five new digital collections aim to commemorate the career of the Paris Saint-Germain forward. The first NFT in the series highlighted his World Cup debut in 2006. Holders of the token will have the opportunity to receive up to four additional collectibles to commemorate performances at the 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups. A raffle will give 10 holders the opportunity to claim an NFT for this year’s tournament.

World Cup NFT
Image via Ethernal Labs

In addition, “The Messiverse” collection, which he first produced with Ethernity in 2021, grossed $3.6 million and is reported as the platform’s most successful series to date.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo Released NFT Sports Collectibles on Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo launched an NFT collection on Binance.com and said he was able to produce something that would not only capture the passion of the game but also rewards fans for their years of support. The 6,645 NFT CR7 collection contains seven animated statues depicting iconic moments in Ronaldo’s life.

Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup NFT
source: binance.com

The NFT sports collectibles has four rarity levels that allow owners to get different privileges, from Ronaldo’s personal information, autographed merchandise, access to future NFT drops and free gift boxes. However, Binance.com’s NFT marketplace is not available to US users, so they qualify for a commemorative NFT at the threshold of making a US dollar deposit on the platform during the promotion period. Only then can users gain whitelist access to purchase future CR7 NFT.

4. Budverse x FIFA World Cup 2022 NFT

American beer giant Budweiser has partnered with FIFA to produce a new set of live NFTs. Live Scoreboard NFTs will provide owners with an animated scoreboard, featuring the nation of their choice, to track team’s statistics. The scoreboard will be updated throughout Qatar 2022 matches. Simply put on your beer goggles and head into Budverse, where anyone old enough to buy a drink can mint an NFT without gas fee based on scores from the latest games.

FIFA World Cup 2022 NFT

Each FIFA World Cup 2022 NFT costs $100 and includes a physical goods pack that contains a scarf, a color-changing Budweiser aluminum cup and a trading card. Holders are also eligible to enter a raffle at purchase for a chance to win a VIP trip to the tournament.

5. VISA Masters of Movement NFT Collection

VISA has released an NFT collection ahead of the Qatar World Cup, allowing fans to celebrate the most exciting parts of any football match, and remind the dazzling moves players employ to score them. With the VISA Masters of Movement NFT collection, soccer fans around the world have the opportunity to own truly unique pieces of digital art inspired by some of the most remarkable goals scored in FIFA’s long history. For collectors who keep one of these goals in mind, the best way to immortalize the moment is to buy NFT art inspired by it.

VISA NFT Collection

Visa also held an auction in aid of U.K. charity Street Child United. Five collectibles featuring historic World Cup goals from Jared Borghetti, Tim Cahill, Carli Lloyd, Michael Owen and Maxi Rodriguez have been created and sold to the highest bidder at auction.

6. CryptoCom X Coca Cola X GMUNK World Cup NFTs – CRO Surges

In collaboration with famous NFT artist Gmunk, Coca-Cola launched the new FIFA World Cup 2022 NFT based on heatmaps from matches on Crypto.com, visually showing the movements and highlights of the tournament players. The new NFT project will feature a limited release of 10,000 unique NFTs that combine digital art with football. Soccer fans can use them to track a player’s in-game movement.

Coca Cola World Cup NFTs

To access the NFT collection, fans need to create an account on the Crypto.com NFT platform and visit Coca-Cola’s Fan Zone page to mint a token. The Coca-Cola Fan Zone is the digital hub of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, giving fans the opportunity to experience excitement, games and memorable moments during the tournament. In addition to the NFT collection, the fan zone also includes leaderboards, pledges and predictions, allowing fans to compete against each other and interact with the event in real time.

Meanwhile, Cronos, Crypto.com’s native token, reacted strongly to the announcements. Cronos (CRO) rose more than 10% to an all-time high of $0.075 on Dec. 5. Shares of Coca-Cola have also reacted positively, increasing 6.69% over the past month and 7.7% yearly.

FIFA World Cup 2022 NFT

7. Africa Village – Sell NFTs Featuring African Soccer Stars

Africa Village is being held in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup at the Qatar Stadium and online. It is working with the Africa division of the United Nations Development Program and the Centre for Development Intelligence to bring African Metaverse content to the World Cup. The online part is selling NFTs featuring African football stars. The series will drop with the start of the World Cup. Why publish the FIFA World Cup NFT? “The World Cup is one of the most watched events on the planet, and eyeballs can mean big business, even for those who can’t get to Doha,” Osuman told CoinDesk.

The face-to-face part includes a lounge in the Hotel Park and six days of live music, which is an inclusive global event for all soccer fans and those interested in African culture.


With several high-profile football players and FIFA itself releasing various World Cup 2022 NFT projects and campaigns, the NFT will continue to show its potential. Brands are also starting to recognize that their fan bases aren’t as susceptible to more traditional marketing as they used to be. As a result, digital experiences like the NFT program will engage more potential consumers and significantly increase sales.

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